The best things in life seem to happen without striving. That is how this project has always felt – from songs that seem to write themselves to perfect new band members that materialize as if out of thin air when we weren’t even looking for them.

All along the way, this project has felt deeply nourishing, healing and life-giving for us as the ones lucky enough to receive this music and do our best to play it well. We’ve been amazed to hear the same response from our listeners and see a community growing up around us in support of the music.

When something special is trying to come through, you don’t ask “Why me? Why now? Why here?”; you simply say “Yes. What next?” We’ve written, arranged, and battle-tested over a dozen songs in the last year, and the clear “What’s next” for us now, is to begin the long, beautiful, daunting, magical process of creating our first album.

It’s with our deepest humility and gratitude that we ask for your support, as we embark on the process to share this music and the magic it carries with the world.


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